SuperHalfs Series Half Marathons

Copenhagen, Cardiff, Prague, Lisbon and Valencia - Saturday, April 1, 2023

Are you an ordinary runner looking for extraordinary adventure? Be a part of SuperHalfs Passport Series of Half Marathons!

SuperHalfs are half marathons for runners looking to go to amazing places -Lisbon, Prague, Copenhagen, Cardiff and Valencia.

Join  our #AWFSQUAD for guaranteed free entries. The Allyson Whitney Foundation awards ‘Life Interrupted Grants™’ for young adults battling rare cancers to assist with financial toxicity from a cancer diagnosis, funds innovative research for SCCC with a world-wide database and delivers HOPE comfort bags to oncology suites. We believe ALL Cancers Matter!  Our pursuit is to shine a light on a quiet age demographic, as young adults have a unique genetic makeup of cancer. As an all volunteer foundation, your support means the world to us and to cancer patients.

Do one event or do them ALL and explore the world! THE MORE EVENTS WITH US…THE MORE THE PERKS GO UP! Get your passport filled .

2023 SuperHalfs dates:

Sportisimo Prague Half Marathon ~ All Runners are beautiful APRIL 1, 2023

EDP Lisbon Half Marathon ~ Lisbon is waiting for you MARCH 12, 2023

Copenhagen Half Marathon ~ The place for breaking limits SEPTEMBER 17, 2023

Wizz Air Cardiff Half Marathon ~ Wales’ iconic road race OCTOBER 1, 2023

Valencia Trinidad Alfonso Zurich Half Marathon ~ One of the fastest races in the world OCTOBER 22, 2023

What are SuperHalfs?

Visit their official website for additional information and details.


Run for #AWFSQUAD with the minimum fundraising goal of only $750 per race. 

Your amenities include:

• A guaranteed entry to a SuperHalf ( or chose more than one!)

• A RealBuzz Club Membership with training tips and advice

• AWF Gear Kit

• An amazing feeling you are helping a young adult cancer patient

Entries are limited so contact or today. Go on an adventure of a lifetime!

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