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“Adversity is the diamond dust heaven polishes its jewels with.” – Robert Leighton

The Allyson Whitney Foundation to date has awarded $215,000 in Life Interrupted Patient Grants. Our Grant Committee reviews and verifies all applicants to assure your donation dollars are secure.

Meet Some of our Grant Recipients: Our Jewels, Our Heroes...


In Loving Memory. You never forget your first and our first grant recipient was Jazmine. We are honored that her team, 'Don't Stop Believing' has joined us.


In Loving Memory. In the words of Drake, Alexis lived by the motto, YOLO (You Only Live Once).


Spring 2015 Recipient - "In April 2014, I developed severe pleurisy overnight. The next day, the doctors found a mass in between my heart and my lung. In June 2014, we received the news that I had germ cell cancer. I was only 28, and my wife and I were in shock. After 12 weeks of chemo, the doctors thought things were improving, but in October, we found out that the cancer had recurred. In November and December, I received high dose chemo with stem cell transplants. Unfortunately, I lost most of my hearing due to the toxicity of the chemo I received. Luckily for me, the Allyson Whitney Foundation was there to help me get hearing aids! The day I got them, it was raining and I was able to hear rain again for the first time in months. We are so grateful to the Allyson Whitney Foundation, not just for the grant, but for all their support!"


Spring 2015 Recipient


Spring 2015 Recipient


Spring 2015 Recipient


Spring 2015 Recipient


Spring 2015 Recipient


Spring 2015 Recipient


Spring 2015 Recipient


Spring 2015 Recipient


"I was just 29 years old when I was diagnosed with testicular cancer, never hearing about it before hearing those words, "You have cancer..." At the moment, my wife and I were just content knowing we found out what was wrong with me. My daughter wasn't even a year old, and my older boys were 12 and 9. Talk about life being interrupted! All of a sudden we were on my disability income, Audra not working, trying to just maintain, which was not going well... I had a great friend recommend the Allyson Whitney Foundation to us for their "life interrupted" grant. My family not only received one grant from the Allyson Whitney foundation but two. Even writing this, its bringing tears to my eyes, because no matter how much we reached out for help, we received very little assistance or even direction from so many organizations. The Allyson Whitney Foundation has a purpose, and that purpose shined down on my family and I, and helped us to concentrate on living life, healing, and beating this terrible disease I was diagnosed with at such a young age. Cancer effects everyone involved, and having any reprieve to battling such a disease, in the form of being able to live even just a little bit with worry gone for a short amount of time, meant the world to us, and the Allyson Whitney Foundation gave that to my family, half way across the nation. What the Allyson Whitney Foundation does for young adults diagnosed with rare cancers is amazing and my family, we cannot thank them enough for helping us in our time of need."


“I have received a grant from your amazing foundation and it has helped in so many ways, I feel like I might be able to breathe a bit.”


“Everything has changed for us, but through it all we have met some amazing people. My mom is my rock and she says I have been hers as well.”


“This can’t be right, I’m too young for this; that’s the first thing I thought after I got the news that I had a rare form of brain cancer”


“My scars show pain and suffering, but they also show my strength to survive and get through this.”


“I feel like I am in survival mode and just going through the motions. I know the worst is yet to come, but I am ready for the fight. This cancer has taken so much from me but already is showing that hope can come from the darkest of circumstances.”


“Zebra Attack! Cancer sucks, a lot. But no one fights alone.”


“I will beat this and come out on top; I will give back in any way I can once I am well.”