What We Do

Our Pursuit

“Ally’s dream was to help others, our pursuit is to make it a reality” – Katy Strong


The Allyson Whitney Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization that empowers and fights for the interests of young adults with rare cancers. Our vision is to shine a spotlight on an under-served demographic of young adults with cancer and to place an emphasis on the need for rare cancer research. The Allyson Whitney Foundation primarily provides individuals with ‘Life Interrupted Grants’™ to ease their financial burden so that they can concentrate their energy on healing.

Young Adults are caught in between pediatric and older individuals. At an age, finishing high school, in college, or just married, then the unimaginable happens, you hear, ‘its cancer’, and life as you know it changes…

We found out through Ally’s illness, the need and lack of financial support in this country. We are one of a few national organizations that give direct financial support to patients battling cancer. We are also an ALL volunteer team, aiming to give HOPE.

Rare is not that rare, as research suggests, Young Adults get entirely different cancer than other age groups.

Each number and statistic represents a person that someone loves.

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