Who We Are

Board of Directors

The Allyson Whitney Foundation is comprised entirely of volunteers, including our Board of Directors and Team.

Barbara Strong

Barbara Strong

Chief Executive Officer

Barbara holds a Master’s degree in Elementary Education, along with a certification in Students with Disabilities. She is an educator in the Catskills, New York. Barbara previously started her professional career as an entrepreneur. Her successful business venture in event planning and sales merchandise, as well as her organizational skills, enhance the foundation in successful fundraising.

Being the proud mom of Allyson and Katy is the role in life that has been the most important. It’s with an enormous amount of fortitude that Barbara continues Allyson’s pursuit. Barbara considers Allyson to be a gift given to her; her wish is to continue to share the ‘gift of Ally’ through giving.

Katy Strong Sforza

Chief Marketing Officer

Katy grew up alongside her younger sister, Ally, in Monticello, a tight-knit community in upstate New York. She is a Monticello High School graduate who continued her education by obtaining her bachelor’s degree in Marketing in New York City. Having worked in the publishing industry since 2005, Katy is passionate about the advancement of knowledge in all forms.

Katy watched her sister blossom into a beautiful young woman who unjustly had everything taken from her by cancer. She also witnessed communities rally around her family and wants to give that same feeling of assurance to other young adults who may be in Ally’s position. Ally's grace and courage in life, especially during her illness, inspires Katy to be supportive of others who are battling in her sister’s war. It is her honor to be a part of the Allyson Whitney Foundation and fulfill Ally’s wish to advocate for others in her position.

Gabrielle Scott

Gabrielle Scott Ingber

Chief Digital Officer

Gabrielle was born and raised in Sullivan County N.Y. and is a Monticello High School graduate. After receiving her B.S. in Marketing and International Business from Fordham University, she moved back to Sullivan County and joined Bethel Woods Center for the Arts as Marketing Manager. She is currently the Business Manager at her family’s construction supply company, Service Scaffold Company.

Gabby and Ally were best friends from the day they met in sixth grade. They were inseparable - going on each other’s family vacations, performing in the middle school talent show, spending winters at the local ski hill, and sharing one another’s clothes. Being a part of the Allyson Whitney Foundation is an honor for Gabby. Ally was the most courageous and positive person she’s ever met and her fight inspires Gabby to continue fighting for young adults with rare cancers.

Ashley Morse

Ashley Morse

Chief Partnership Officer

Ashley was born and raised in Sullivan County, NY and attended Monticello High School. After graduating Summa Cum Laude from the University of Miami with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Advertising, she moved to New York City where she began a career in the financial services industry with Morgan Stanley. Ashley decided to pursue a field in Nutrition and Public Health in August 2014 and is currently working toward that goal.

Ashley joins Allyson Whitney Foundation in memory of her best friend, Ally. Ashley and Ally were friends since the day they met on the middle school soccer field. From growing up in a small town together to living in the Big Apple in their young adult lives, Ally was always there for Ashley as a true friend and a constant reminder to take the time to enjoy all of life’s little beauties.

It is Ashley’s hope that the Allyson Whitney Foundation can bring light to the life of young adults battling cancer like Ally brought to every individual she encountered.

Barri Glick

Barri Glick

Board Member

Barri is one of the joint proprietors in Glick Auto and Truck Center, a family owned business based in Monticello, New York. She is the Director of the Parts Division, which includes worldwide sales, and controls the company’s online global marketing. The company is one of the largest exporters of Kenworth Truck Parts in the USA. Topping her professional career, is pride in her two sons, Elan and Noah Fox.

Having endured the loss of both her mother and her husband to cancer, Barri has a considerable degree of experience in care giving and is passionate regarding Medical Advocacy.

Ally was part of the Glick/Fox immediate family since her birth. Barri considers it an honor to be instrumental in continuing Ally’s vision and legacy, by assisting other young adults in their own personal battles with rare cancers. She is determined that the Allyson Whitney Foundation will preserve Ally’s memory and dancing spirit throughout future generations.

Lucia De Gregorio

Chief Financial Officer

Lucia is a long-time resident of Sullivan County, New York. Her entire education and professional career have been based in finance. She holds an MBA in Business Administration, with a concentration in Finance. She is currently the Assistant Vice President of Finance, at Catskill Hudson Bank, where she has worked for more than a decade.

Close friends of the Strong family, Lucia has always been inspired by their determination to fulfill Ally's dream of helping others in similar situations. Her connection with the Foundation began with her tireless fundraising efforts for the annual 5K events, and volunteering in different capacities. Lucia considers it an incredible honor to be on the Board of the Allyson Whitney Foundation, and is committed to carrying on Ally's legacy, while helping other young adults in their battle against rare cancers.