Who We Are

Our Logo

“Appreciate the people around you who love you, kind people, appreciate the beauty in the world, my new favorite – rose bushes, a nice gentle breeze, the mountains, the diversity everywhere. Appreciate the things you have, whether it’s a job, the ability to walk, to see, to smell, to feel hungry, to feel normal.”
– Allyson Whitney Strong

We sought to create a logo that reflects our pursuit and in doing so captures the essence of Ally’s giving.

The circular sphere represents that rare cancer is a global issue, with no outline and no boundaries to seeking hope.

The multi-color bands are symbolic of different cancers.  The intertwining colors demonstrate that we are banding together to help patients. Friends of the foundation have shared with us, that the bands look like paths, as having cancer is a journey.

Our belief is ALL cancers matter, no matter how small a population it affects!

Most importantly,  ‘No Life Should be Interrupted by Cancer’

The Allyson Whitney Logo is Registered in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.