Who We Are

Our Partners

The Allyson Whitney Foundation would not be able to help young adults battling cancer without the support of many. We are proud and honored to be affiliated with such awesome Partners.

Shit That I Knit

1-for-1 initiative: Give-A-Sh*t Knit Kits

Young adults undergoing cancer treatment often deal with a combination of physical and emotional trials. If knitting can help, Shit That I Knit wants to give them the materials that can make a difference in their quality of life.

In each Kn*t Sh*t Kit, Shit That I Knit has partnered with Lion Brand Yarn to provide wool, needles, a pattern, and anything else a patient may need in order to complete a knitted project. In addition, Emulsion Printhouse has donated awesome Give-A-Sh*t totes to hold each project.

A new question will be added to our Grant Application that asks grantees if they would be interested in a therapeutic Give-A-Sh*t Knit Kits.