Big Sur International Marathon 2023

Big Sur - Sunday, April 30, 2023

The Allyson Whitney Foundation and the Big Sur International Marathon will be partnering again! This sold out event is a bucket list item not to miss! Such a beautiful and amazing race. We are so excited that you want to join our #AwFSQUAD! Fill out our inquiry form so we can contact you  & get you started on an amazing course!

Big Sur Panoramic View

Runners for Warriors… are you ready to make an impact on an underserved cancer population? When you join the #AWFSQUAD, you are choosing to give a Life Interrupted Grant to assist a young adult diagnosed with cancer, helping distribute HOPE comfort bags to oncology suites & donate to innovative cancer research with a global data base of small cell. Young Adults share unique challenges, such as isolation, misdiagnosis & fertility; inclusive to that demographic.

We believe all cancers matter, even rare ones! We are ONE of the FEW organizations that give direct financial support to a cancer patient and their family. 

We are a 100% VOLUNTEER organization, so ALL the money you raise goes directly to fund “Life Interrupted Grants”™, to lend a hand with medical/living expenses  and shine a spotlight on young adult cancers, fund innovative research and deliver HOPE comfort bags.

Be part of it with AWF! 

Believe in the cause? When you become part of our squad and meet your minimum fundraising goal of $1,800 for the 26.2 marathon 

You will receive:

▶ FREE GUARANTEED entry in the Big Sur International Marathon

▶ Detailed fundraising tips, advice and guidance on how to meet your fundraising target with your own fundraising page & url

▶ AWF Gear Kit 

▶ Incentives & Perks above your goal

▶ Meet and greet gratitude brunch  

▶ AND the most important, YOU are making a difference in another’s life to give HOPE and be a HERO!

Contact or with any questions.

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