Our Grants

Our ‘Life Interrupted Grants’™ cover a wide range of needs, including (but not limited to): current and residual medical bills, rent, utilities, car and health insurance premiums, IVF treatments, integrative therapies, travel expenses, and medical hair pieces. If you think that you might be an ideal candidate for the grant, contact your patient navigator to request an application during our open request period.

* Understand that a completed application is NOT an automatic award.

We are an all – volunteer organization, through the team fundraising pursuits, private donations & endurance runners that fuel our mission.

“Life Interrupted Grants”™ for Young Adults can be awarded from $500-$1,500

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    • Applications NEED to be requested by an oncology social worker, doctor’s office, or patient navigator. Sorry, there are NO exceptions. Once an application is requested, there is 1 page for the facility to fill out, the rest is completed by the patient/individual.
    • All applications will be verified by an AWF representative & grant committee for time of treatment and rarity (Note: ALMOST all young adult cancers are considered ‘rare’).
    • Grant season will be competitive, so please make sure you have ALL the paperwork requested or we can not process.
    • ONLY one applicant from a facility can be granted an award in one grant round year.
    • Most types of cancer are considered rare for young adults, and they are often more difficult to prevent, diagnose, and treat than the more common cancers, such as ductal carcinoma and squamous cervical cancer.
    • Our ALL volunteer committee works hard and long hours to verify all applicants.
    • If you are awarded a “Life Interrupted Grant,” BE prepared to submit new bills to show financial need when requested; Grants will be paid either directly to patient/family or directly for rent/medical.If you cannot, please pass on this, as the grant will not be accepted.
    • ALL applications can be returned as soon as you fill it out ( no need to wait for deadline).


If you meet the listed eligibility requirements, please have your representative (read above) request an application when the next grant round is open to grants@allysonwhitney.org

We are truly hopeful that past recipients and their families will help spread our pursuit and pay it forward to help another when you can, so the Circle of Giving can continue.

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  • You are a young adult between the ages of 16-36 diagnosed with a ‘rare’ cancer.
  • You are a citizen of the United States.
  • Please note that Breast Cancer in your 20s and 30s is considered ‘rare’ as is some specific forms of breast cancer up to our age range. Active treatment does not include reconstruction surgeries or long-term hormonal therapies (including Tamoxifen, Fareston, Arimidex, Aromasin, Femara, Zoladex/Lupron, Megace, and Halotestin).
  • AWF defines Active Treatment as the period after a positive diagnosis of cancer has been made (with a diagnostic biopsy), and during which therapies are being administered, including surgical procedures to remove the cancer, chemotherapy or radiation within a 9 month period.
  • Be prepared to have new bills ready to submit, if you are awarded a “Life Interrupted Grant.” If you cannot or do not have bills, please pass on this application, as it will not accepted.

Important Dates

      • Next round to request an application is June 1st, 2023 through June 29th, 2023*An application received is NOT an automatic award. Strict deadline to return applications will be July 14th, 2023 ~ All will notified by August 31st if a grant was able to be awarded or if we were unable to.

      • There is NO waitlist, we are all volunteers and sorry, we do not have the capacity to create a callback list to let you know when we are open.

      • AWF cannot send you an application ‘to work on.’ An application changes slightly each year.

The Allyson Whitney Foundation is standing with you.