“Over the Rainbow” Gala

Location & Date for 2023 TBA - Sunday, October 1, 2023

The story of The Wizard of Oz embodies courage, strength and HOPE.  ‘Over the Rainbow’ signifies the colors incorporated in The Allyson Whitney Foundation’s Logo which represent the different types of cancers our warriors face each day.  Each warrior finds themselves saying, “There’s no place like home!”  AWF helps them find the courage, strength and HOPE so they can get home. 

The Allyson Whitney Foundation hosted its first ever ‘Over the Rainbow’ Fundraising Gala on Saturday, October 1, 2022.  This much anticipated event commemorated all that is The Allyson Whitney Foundation!  300 attendees happily Drank, Dined & Danced the evening away as we celebrated our accomplishments, our young adult cancer warriors and all our supporters while raising money for young adults battling cancer.

‘Rare’ is a word used often when faced with a cancer diagnosis as a young adult.  Young adults ages 16-40 get a rarer form of a main disease such as colon, breast, and names you can’t pronounce.  Ally looked forward to the day she could be advocate for an underserved demographic of young adults battling rare cancer.  To help emotionally and financially.  Her pursuit to help became our pursuit.  Since inception:

  • AWF granted $474,283.66 in Life Interrupted Grants™
  • AWF reached 436 cancer patients and their families
  • AWF has donated $105,000 to research under the stewardship of Dr. Michael Frumovitz at MD Anderson Cancer Center
  • AWF delivered 456 HOPE comfort to New York and CA oncology suites

The magical night raised $80,000. We look forward to announcing our next Gala/Cocktail Party

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