What We Do


‘Life Interrupted Grants’™

The heart of the organization is to assist as many young adults as we can, an underserved demographic, through ‘Life Interrupted Grants’™. Ally’s pursuit was to give hope and to be recognized. The grants lend a supportive hand to shine light in a dark time. Our wish is that our recipient’s hear the news “no evidence of disease” and continue on their path of life.

Our grants cover a wide range of needs, including (but not limited to): current and residual medical bills, rent, utilities, car and health insurance premiums, IVF treatments, integrative therapies, travel expenses, and medical hair pieces

The maximum amount awarded is $1,500.

* Applications should generate from an oncology social worker, doctor’s office or patient navigator

* All applications will be verified by an AWF representative to hospital/institution for time of treatment and rarity.

To learn how to contribute, visit our donate pages.

Please note due to high prevalence of breast cancer, that breast cancer in your twenties is considered rare.

 Our 2017 Life Interrupted Grants are now closed. Sullivan/Orange County, NY residents may contact taylor@allysonwhitney.org

2018 Important dates: Feb 1st-21st  July 1st – 21st Applications may be downloaded for review & verification

We are hopeful that past recipients with their families, help spread our pursuit and pay it forward to help another.

  Contact grants@allysonwhitney.org for further information.

The Allyson Whitney Foundation is standing with you.